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What are the fees and payments ?

The fee for the Elite GMB packages starts at just £4,950. A deposit of 25% is required when booking, the balance is required in cleared funds prior to your starting date.

Payments of the deposit, or balance, can be made on our secure payments page using PayPal or credit card: alternatively we are happy to provide our bank details to enable clients to pay by bank transfer, should they wish. An additional fee may be incurred, should you bring along a friend or family member who also wishes to undergo the GMB treatment over the same four day period. Advance notice is required.

What's unique about the Elite GMB package ?

As stated on the web site, Elite GMB clients will experience complete flexibility around their appointment start and finishing times. In essence, the clinic, along with the exclusive attention of Martin and Marion Shirran, can be thought of as your private 'drop-in centre', anytime between 9.00am and 7.00pm each day. Of course, as you are the exclusive users of the clinic, complete confidentiality can be assumed. Additionally, owing to the time flexibility of the package, any additional issues that may arise during your treatments can normally be addressed.

How successful is the treatment ?

The million-dollar question! At the clinic our future, and reputation, have always been dependent on our clients' success: we rely on both positive publicity and personal recommendations, so you can rest assured that we want your success as much as you do!

Just like traditional Gastric Band Surgery, however, which has a 70 - 75% Success Rate, the GMB therapy does not provide a 100% solution, (very few things in life do!). At the clinic we project a success rate in the region of 75%. Success is dependent on the person being committed to losing weight. If you are prepared to follow the programme, and make a few recommended small, not unpleasant, lifestyle changes, then a successful outcome can be expected.

What ongoing support do you provide ?

The ongoing support and the level of aftercare of our clients has been identified as a vital component of the GMB therapy, especially in the first six weeks.

We endeavour to make sure that each client remains in regular contact, usually by phone and/ or email during the initial period. Of course everything does not stop after six weeks; we are here and ready to help at any time, whilst our clients continue on their journey to a new slimmer self.

How do I maintain my target weight ?

The GMB therapy is specifically designed to teach clients how to permanently change their whole attitude to food and eating, using a combination of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Time Perspective Therapy. During the sessions you will go through a process of re-educating your mind, so that you end up regarding food simply as an enjoyable source of nutrition, rather than an emotional crutch. This will become a permanent lifestyle change, which will have long-lasting benefits. Plus, of course, you will have your 'Gastric Mind Band' fitted, to ensure that you'll never be tempted to overeat again.

In addition, when you get close to your target weight, we offer you a final, booster session, to ensure that you will be properly equipped with both the tools and the knowledge to manage your weight successfully, forever.

Can anyone undertake the treatment ?

With the traditional, surgical, gastric band process, there are a number of medical factors that are normally required to be met, before an individual is accepted as a suitable candidate. With the Gastric Mind Band, however, the restrictions are more flexible: as an example, GMB therapy can be used to help people who are overweight, rather than clinically obese. If you have simply struggled with your weight for a number of years, and have tried lots of different diets, and currently have a BMI of 25 or over, then the GMB therapy is perfect for you.

Additionally, we have in the past helped a number of clients that have contacted us stating that they only wish, or need, to lose a small amount of weight, maybe for an upcoming wedding or special event.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from a psychological eating disorder, (binge-eating, bulimia, or anorexia), then the GMB therapy is not the right course of treatment for you at this time. We would recommend that you should contact the clinic and attend a course of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy sessions specifically for your particular eating disorder, and when you have successfully completed these sessions, we can happily discuss the possibility of you undertaking the GMB therapy.

Can I bring a friend ?

Yes, of course, it is always nice to bring a friend or partner on the trip with you, however whilst they will be made totally welcome at the clinic to use the reception area and terrace as they wish, they will not be able to join you in the actual treatment rooms. (Should your guest also wish to undergo the GMB treatment, then for a reduced fee, and subject to advance booking, this is usually not a problem.)

Arranging my accommodation ?

One thing that the coast does have is literally hundreds of hotels, ranging from two to six star boutique hotels. It would be difficult to list them all, and we appreciate that everyone's tastes and requirements are unique. The following hotels are known to us, and have been used by many past clients.

Hotel El Oceano (As featured on the site, 15 minutes by taxi).

Gran Melia Don Pepe Resort Hotel Marbella (20 minutes by taxi)

The THB Class Reserva del Higueron Hotel(15 minutes by taxi)

Hotel Casa Consistorial (Walking distance from clinic)

What are the normal waiting times ?

Advance booking requirements for the Elite GMB packages vary greatly, but as a general rule if you are flexible with regard to your start day, then the waiting time will be considerably less. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email for details. As stated on the site, in order to accommodate clients on tight timescales, it is often possible for your GMB treatment to commence, or indeed run, over the weekend.

How do I book ?

Booking is really simple: once we have confirmed your chosen schedule, your Elite GMB package can be reserved for you for 48 hours. On receipt of your deposit, your booking and schedule will be immediately confirmed by email. The deposit and balance can be paid either online with PayPal, or by credit or debit card, or, if you prefer, by bank transfer; our bank details will be emailed to you on request.

Where are your locations ?

The Elite GMB package is initially available exclusively at the Elite Clinic in Fuengirola, Spain. In the near future it is hoped that it will also become available at a small number of our licensed clinics around the world.