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The Treatment . . .

No Dieting, No Restricted Foods
Treatment Room One
Elite Clinics Treatment Room 1
The Elite GMB Service - Your exclusive weight-loss treatment will be conducted over a four-day period. Our trademarked GMB therapy is, by design, personalised to you, and characterised by a number of exclusive elements.

During your four-day visit, each of your sessions will be highly structured, designed and administered to bring about strategic changes in your thinking. You will begin to ask yourself a number of deep, psychological questions - some of which you may never have considered.

This intensive process will result in a range of changes, and ultimately, our specialist treatment will transform your relationship with food. The process culminates in you achieving your desired weight loss. More importantly, though, our patented approach will provide you with the tools you need to ensure you will maintain your weight loss for the rest of your life.

So, how exactly does it work?
It is now medically accepted that the most common factor behind overweight or obesity is nearly always a misplaced psychological relationship with food and eating. Over a period of time, overweight or obese individuals find themselves - typically without realising it - using food inappropriately. For example, they may be eating as a response to boredom or depression. Or, they may turn to food when they are feeling lonely or sad. Regardless of what causes the reaction, we know that the trigger is seldom related to actual hunger.

To combat this habit of misplaced psychological triggers, your treatment will incorporate many approaches and therapies. Each one is designed to underpin the effects of the other. The majority of our techniques are totally unique to the GMB treatment, and include Tactile CBT®, Pause Button Therapy®, and Hypnotherapy, and more.

Forensic Psychology
Forensic Psychology This is the term we give to the all important, in depth information gathering component that takes place during the first session. The unique forensic questionnaire asks questions of our clients that many report they have never previously thought relevant.
Hypnotherapy This is widely used in a variety of fields including medicine and childbirth, dentistry and education. Its use in the field of weight loss is well documented. Three independent hypnosis sessions are included in the Gastric Mind Band treatment package.
Tactile CBT A simple, but highly effective, therapeutic approach, which can be used to address a wide range of maladaptive / dysfunctional behaviours and/or thinking patterns. This new approach to CBT has proven to be very successful in the arena of weight loss / obesity.
Pause Button Therapy®
Pause Button Therapy PBT is a new therapy technique which allows people to do exactly what it says. PBT provides users with additional thinking time, allowing a person to consider the potential consequences of their actions and adjust their behaviour accordingly.


Korr Meta Check

Korr MetaCheck

This device directly measures the concentration of oxygen a person breathes out, this information provides us with an accurate measurement of a person's calorie consumption.

Tanita SC330


We also use a Tanita Body Composition Analyser to very accurately establish your starting weight, as well as your body fat percentage, fat mass, visceral fat rating, and interestingly, your metabolic age too.

Oxypleth Pulse Oximeter

Oxypleth Pulse Oximeter

At the clinic we use Oxypleth pulse oximeters during all the Hypnosis sessions, which allows us to closely monitor your resting pulse rate and your general level of relaxation.